PayPal Fraud

It is a fact that the overwhelming majority of our customers are totally trustworthy and honest BUT: We are a small operation, in fact a one man show basically with a few helpers. We can not run the risk of having a few rotten apples cheat us out of money which unfortunately has happened now repeatedly.

As a result we no longer accept payments done with “buyer protection” enabled because PayPal will often refund money back to a fraudulent “customer” with only cursory fact checking and with little regard for any written, photographed or otherwise proof we have to contradict clearly fraudulent claims of online-thiefs. PayPal does not even require proof of having returned the item to us. That way we lose the money and the goods. This risk exists up to SIX MONTHS after the initial purchase. We are in no way positioned to accept such a risk, especially with some of the relatively high priced items we sell.
So please choose the “family and friends” option when sending money to us via PayPal.

We will always honestly and to the best of our abilities fulfill your orders (and if we would NOT be totally honest in our business that would be immediate news on advrider and other forums where we are active!)

If you do not trust us enough to accept this as a fact then thank you for your consideration but we won’t take any orders from you. Should you have overlooked this new rule we will refund your money and you are welcome to try again with the “family and friends” option enabled.

Also: If you pay with “buyer protection” please remember that our prices are exclusive of PayPal or other transfer charges. PayPal “Buyer protection” will always incur charges made to US, not you. Please make sure the price on our tag is transferred to us, not minus insurance or other bank or Paypal charges.

I have been asked why I risk business in this way when the mods of advrider forum (and probably everywhere else) explicitly warn about doing business with “friend & family” payment through PayPal.
My answer is this: while those mods understandably put the well being of the majority (readers) over the small minority (vendors) this can not be my position. If anyone has any doubts about how badly vendors are treated by PayPal just do a google search for “Paypal sucks” 🙂
Also: those mods warn more about doing business with individuals who sell a few items privately and not so much about vendors with an established business. In fact, as mentioned before, any business that would be based on cheating would be very short lived in this day and age of “instant” online media.