Nearly a Big Bore, The HT Cam.

Cam Available Now, $299.-

Postage included

Oz and over the Ditch



If you are of the Opinion That This lovely Bike Lacks GRUNT, it is My Opinion you have found the right page the web is a big place.

So, make it Bigger or make it Better or Make it Lighter !


Bigger Piston.

Better Breathing and Fueling /Exhaust.

Lose the Weight ( that’s been done elsewhere, mad moto mods ? I cant compete! )

So  we have 2 Options now:)

Big Bore is on the other Page,

So we are left with ,,

Better Breathing,

It involves the Head the Valves and Inlet and Exhaust and Fueling/Timing Advance.

The Easiest thing may be a Cam, But it will not be the Only thing Required .

To take advantage of the increased openings of the Cam or the Bigger Valves or Exhaust and Inlet Mods you will need More Fuel.

Let Me suggest a Cam and and 2 Fueling options.

So this changes the Valve Opening and the Efficiency that was missing.

This give you control over the Fueling, Stock ECU is not up to the Job Now. ( or even before !).

PT plus FuelX, costs more and still is Useless without Good Maps as we all know.:)

We can do Both ! Red Box is Cheaper  and Has  More Potential. IMO.

This is what we Get on a 411 I am Not a Tuner! Someone has to be able to beat this
24.5% 🙂 Over 5 RWHP More and More Torque Even at 5500RPM!
APPLES aint APPLES Like Dynos Differ, BUT this is More than ALL BEFORE!
I would Love to be Proven Wrong.

WANT MORE ? why not Get the BB kit and then You Have it All !

Torque is Cheap here:)

30.3RWHP with a BB kit and Cam Compared to 21.5 stock!

What are you waiting For?

A  change in the Weather?