HT-b New Enhanced Performance Camshaft

                                                                    24 % More RWHP! OR 38% with 477cc!

Just as Todays Curry will Taste Better Tomorrow, we have Improved Our Cam Design.

Now we get More at the Top as well as more in the Middle !

This revised version of the original HT cam allows for up to 27.4 RWHP on the stock EFI bike when combined with these components:

    • A free flow exhaust , and a cheapo muffler .
  • Modification of the Air Box .
  • More Fuel, ( on the 411 ) I used a Lambda Cheat from India because it was easy to install! Carby Bikes will need Re Jetting .( I would imagine )
  • This Dyno chart shows a 3000km 2020 model Completely stock EFI Bike delivers 22RWHP on this Dyno.(Red Line ).
  • Then the with the addition of the Cam and a few inlet and exhaust mods ( Blue Line ).
  •  A Gain of 5.4HP and 3.3 FtLb of Torque! At The Back Wheel!  
  •  24% More Power !  OR 38% MORE WITH THE 477 Kit ( New Dyno Chart !)
  • What would You prefer to ride? DONT ANSWER UNTIL YOU SEE THE NEW CHART. below


New Chart shows up to 7.5Ftlb and 6.5HP gains from installing the 477 kit, at 5300rpm the Lack of fuel robs me of at least 3 more.

477 kit gives 38% More Power than Stock ! Dyno mans Printer is nearly shot so its a small pic

This is what is responsible for the Fueling ( and of course everything that an ECU does ) if it takes any more than 15 mins to fit , you cut your wrists and give up.

The H-T b Cam. ( it comes in a Box ) You throw the Box away .

    HT-Camshaft  280.- A$ – free shipping in Australia
(please ask for a shipping quote if you live elsewhere)