477 Engine Upgrade – Himalayan Big Bore Kit

FORGED Piston+Rings, Cylinder honed, Gaskets3 gasketsYES890.- AU$free
FORGED Piston+Rings, raw Liner, Gaskets3 gasketsJuly 22590.- AU$free
Gaskets, complete set, head, foot, exhaust3 gasketsYES46.- AU$8.- AU$
FORGED Piston+Rings, Cylinder honed, Gaskets - exchange barrel* 3 gasketsYES750.- AU$You pay freight to me

*I send you a new barrel and you send your old barrel back to me after the exchange.

Shipping the cylinder/piston sets inside AUSTRALIA is free, to New Zealand, Thailand, Cambodia and Indonesia we ship express mail at very reasonable rates, please ask for a quote.

I guess you are here for more Power, that is my aim also, so far 31RWHP is my best recorded run, so I may be able to help.
While the chart below shows 30RWHP peak, I ask you to remember it is the first Dyno run of this build. And the first to feature the “Red ECU”.

This motorcycle has had 3 Dyno runs since I got it at  3000km. All single runs with no “Live Tuning”.
For the first run it was as a stock bike using on a mix of 98 and 95 RON fuel that set the bench at 22RWHP.
The second run (red line) shows the difference of putting on a good exhaust and modifying the snorkel and stuffing some foam into a few places. And adding a HT cam!  Of course it needed more fuel, problem solved with a Lambda cheat. Worked well!
3rd Run is the blue line, so it has got everything the red line has plus a used 477 Kit. With Indian compression rings, pre worn from my other build. They gave 215psi cold, I recon they fit. Minus  the Stock ECU, it  has been removed 🙂

In its place let me introduce the “Red ECU”.

RED ECU set with software and cables
RED ECU set with software and cables

Yes I needed more fuel, but this baby can do so much more than that and it installs in like 10 minutes. So on to the chart, I want to show where it failed:

Things look pretty good for the 477  up to 5500rpm (over 6 RWHP and  7 FtLb Torque over the 411 !) then a couple of things start to go pear shaped.
Fueling on the 411 was handled as I described above and it gave consistently good, high 12s and low 13s to 1.
“Red ECU” obviously  didnt know it was on a Dyno,  it gave 14s at first, then at around 4500rpm went stupid rich, But It did hold that Peak of 30 for longer than the Black box it replaced, question is, what happens with a map that doesent go stupid rich at 4500, the trajectory suggests to me about 33.3RWHP.

What is possible with the 477 upgrade
What is possible with the 477 upgrade

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Detailed description of the 477 saga here:
The ultimate engine upgrade for the Himalayan

How to do the upgrade – shown on YouTube:

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