Nearly a Big Bore, The HT Cam.

Cam Available Now, $299.-

Postage included

Australia * New Zealand * Indonesia * Thailand * Cambodia



If you are of the Opinion That This lovely Bike lacks a bit of power you have found the right page.

So, to do that we need to make it Bigger or make it Better or Make it Lighter !

The best way I have found after many differing builds ?   IMHO

Bigger Piston. we have options, Big Bores up to 477cc and Overbores up to 443cc.

Better Breathing and Fueling /Exhaust. New Muffler, Airbox delete.

Lose the Weight, sorry Im not paying a fortune for Alloy wheels etc and Breakfast was not up for scrutiny either.

So  we have 2 Options now:)

Big Bore is on the other Page,

So we are left with ,,

Better Breathing, More Fuel and Optimized Ignition Timing.

I could piss in your pocket and say you will get all of this with a Cam but that is not my experience Down Under and a 20% power increase is nothing compared to what I am getting which is 38.5%, Makes for a good ride!

HT-B Cam gets your Bike Breathing ( Air only )

Red Box is a fully reprogrammable ECU that plugs in and replaces the stock unit, it includes a LED readout switch to change between the 4 maps that can be stored in it. P.O.A. email to

Take advantage of the extra air the Cam lets in and add extra fuel even optimize the Ignition, extend the red line etc,

Free software and Maps. ( available on the forum ).

38.5% increase in HP at the back wheel!