HT-b New Enhanced Performance Camshaft

Progress never stops and now we have our new HT-b version with a much higher end RWHP for the stock Himalayan albeit with the help of multiple other enhancements.

This revised version of the original HT cam allows for up to 27.4 RWHP on the stock bike when combined with these components:

  • A free flow exhaust
  • The DNA airfilter (or any airfilter allowing more airflow)
  • Modification of the air inlet (or removal of the airbox – see airbox-delete in the forum)
  • The FuelX device from RaceDynamics (basically an oxygen sensor cheat like the power booster but with options to regulate the input values)

(Red line = Stock bike – Blue line = HT-b cam with add. components)

Before hardening is done
Before hardening is done

As can be seen, like the TEC this cam also has no decompressor. We encountered repeated problems with this part (loss of compression) and our high volume 477cc engines have no problem starting without one.

    HT-Camshaft  280.- A$ – free shipping in Australia
(please ask for a shipping quote if you live elsewhere)