477 Engine Upgrade – Himalayan Big Bore Kit

FORGED Piston+Rings, Cylinder honed, Gaskets3 gasketsYES890.- AU$free
FORGED Piston+Rings, raw Liner, Gaskets3 gasketsJuly 22590.- AU$free
Gaskets, complete set, head, foot, exhaust3 gasketsYES46.- AU$8.- AU$
FORGED Piston+Rings, Cylinder honed, Gaskets - exchange barrel* 3 gasketsYES750.- AU$You pay freight to me

Shipping the cylinder/piston sets inside AUSTRALIA is free, to New Zealand, Thailand, Cambodia and Indonesia we ship express mail at very reasonable rates, please ask for a quote.

I guess you are here because  like me,  you want the Himalayan to have a bit more Power.

It would be great if you could just pay the fee and download the extra performance to the ECU but it does not work like that.

But it can work like this, 7 seconds  0 to 100kph! Stock is 12 seconds an improvement of 40%

That Bike has had some work done to it of course, with a Drop in Big bore you will be getting some of the 48% extra RWHP I have achieved.

Add a good Cam and do some Head Work, give it the extra fuel etc and it gets better 🙂

Up 10.6 HP over the Stock Bike on the same Dyno with the  same operator


With technical questions please join our forum or read the FAQ.

Detailed description of the 477 saga here:
The ultimate engine upgrade for the Himalayan

How to do the upgrade – shown on YouTube:

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